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Streamline Your Staffing Process with Care Exchange

At Care Exchange, we understand the challenges faced by care agencies in finding qualified and reliable staff.

Our platform is designed to simplify and optimise the staffing process, empowering you to focus on servicing your customers and spend less time worrying about staff.

How It Works


Your client asks you to cover a shift but you have none of your staff available

You log the shift onto Care Exchange


The shift is sent out to hundreds of available staff in your area who match your requirements and are available to take on the work.

uk coverage

You get notified when someone applies. Once confirmed, they attend the shift. And the job is completed!


You pay for the hours worked.

Star Training
Staff Training & Compliance

we take care of the staff training and Compliance Burdens For You

With Care Exchange you will gain access to our pre-screened, competent and highly trained staff that you can provide to your clients. This allows you to enhance your profit margins by mitigating the ever-increasing and unpredictable burden of labour costs.

Our minimum qualifying criterion for recruitment is the completion of the Care Certificate and at least 6 months of experience working within Health and Social Care. Enhanced DBS and reference checks for all our staff also supports our commitment towards recruiting the most appropriate staff.

Care Exchange Platform Features

To facilitate this we provide You With State Of The Art Software.

Through the Care Exchange platform, you will have access to:

  • Our one stop Staff App
  • Shift Allocation
  • Notifications
  • Real-time Updates
  • Intuitive dashboards for agencies and care providers
  • Electronic staff document uploads
  • Staff rating system after each shift
  • A provider rating system after each shift
  • Adaptable pay and charge rates
  • Autogenerated timesheets and invoices – No need for manual entry systems
  • AI Powered shift management
  • Staff Checkin and Checkout Feature
  • Quick and intuitive vacancy broadcasting and shift booking system.
  • Geo-location locked clocking system
  • Access to a nationwide pool of qualified and highly trained staff
  • Access to shifts from healthcare providers nationwide
About Us

Reliable and Trustworthy Partnership

We understand that trust is paramount in the care industry!

Care Exchange ensures that all healthcare professionals undergo rigorous screening and verification processes, giving you peace of mind in knowing you’re working with qualified and trustworthy individuals.

You will be able to provide pre-screened, appropriately recruited, highly trained, and competent staff to your clients, who are committed towards delivering unparalleled standards of service provision and you will not have to incur any additional expense in order to achieve this. We do all the work in the background!

Take Control of Your Staffing Needs

Experience the power of Care Exchange and take control of your staffing needs. Join our platform today and discover a new level of efficiency, reliability, and quality in care staffing.

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